Thr Gegar

It premiered in 1994 and is situated in Kuala Lumpur. Thr Gegar is one of the most famouse online radio channel on Malaysia. Thr Gegar Pantai Timur has more then 1.6million people all around the world. Gegar fm broadcast 24hours variety type of newest Malaysian online audio.

Thr Gegar Launched at 20th April, 2000 is the 2nd hottest radio station of Malaysia has become one of the radio stations which is now synonymous as an internet radio for its listeners. The multi-cultured Malaysians have fever to radio and Thr Gegar has used that behaviour of the people to make a radio that's famous for its lively radio demonstration. Thr Gegar is one of few of these channels which combined with providing exciting and frightening musical encounter of no game to additional Malaysian radio channel is also famous for its a variety of information to your music lovers. Thr Gegar enjoys to get their listeners to take part in the introduction of this playlists and apps. Their attempt of being linked with listeners have paid when they're currently using more than 1.6 countless listeners that on a quick growing course. Thr Gegar eyesight is only to be the most enjoyable radio channel of Malaysia. With better focus on Malaysian music together with music in the planet their favorite programs.

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