Klasik Nasional FM

This is a nationwide radio station run by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Radio Klasik National broadcasts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in Malay and includes entertainment, audio and data. Klasik Nasional FM is your ideal internet Classical radio channel on Malaysia. Klasik Nasional FM live broadcasting 24hours from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Klasik FM broadcast 24hours various sort of newest popular music.

It had been established 1946 at Singapore then split into two parts following the independence of Malaya. Klasik Nasional FM begins their routine transmission January 1, 1959. The channel become too popular in a brief time period. It airs a whole lot of fresh songs, old tunes and pop songs on a daily basis and discuss positive knowledge Notably, kids like their late night apps with amazing gossip with your favourite RJ,s in these cool and sexy apps and keep up yourself to date about neighborhood News upgrades.


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