Fly FM

You're Listening to one of the very common Malaysian online radio channels, Fly FM 95.8. Fly FM 95.8 is broadcasting 24 hours various sorts of newest music genres. Fly FM is a personal radio channel in Malaysia possessed by Media Prima Berhad. It was established on October 3, 2005 and goals listeners aged between thirty and fifteen years old. Fly FM is the 2nd most common British radio channel in Malaysia, aside from being the fastest growing radio station from the nation. The audio on Fly FM is headquartered in both English and Malay. This station was used to broadcast live from KLIA and will be the very first radio station on the planet to be located in an airport. In 2007, Fly FM introduced a programme championship known as"50 minutes of nonstop music" in which the team will broadcast tunes for 50 minutes without advertisements.

The channel was originally launched by the favorite deejay, Fly Guy (Saufian Mokhtar), as its people face. But within the first year, he replaced with Ben (Loh Ben Jern). About 26 June 2011 onwards, the afternoon was conducted by DJs (Hafiz Mohd Hatim and Prem Shanker) along with first dawn crew DJ, Aini Nadia Mohd Nazir. Aini Nadia Mohd Nazir abandoned the channel on 20 March 2012.

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