Its programming concentrates on music and entertainment and a number of its notable programs are Best 40 ERA, Soundtrek ERA and JoHaRa Pagi ERA.

Era Fm is dedicated to lovely and enticing playlists has produced a location of its own one of the center of all of the radio fans of Malaysia. Era Fm radio channel was created on 1st August 1998. For those people who love and respect amazing music they then have no option left to be with Era Fm, since they are hard at work to obtain the fantastic music, the audio which may fill you with such a high amount of musical enjoyment you will remember for a very long run. Malaysia is a nation with such a massive number of online radio listeners. As technologies for broadcasting radio was enhanced so does the technology was innovative at Era Fm to supply pure contemporary radio solutions directly at the consumer's doorway. Their devotion for the best songs was paid off from the sheer variety of listeners they've got regularly that is a massive number of faithful listeners of around four million daily. The eyesight of Era Fm is crystal clear and that is to become the Number 1 Hit radio channel of Malaysia. Being the number one radio channel isn't a simple task to achieve. In addition to attempts, it requires great programs also.

Malaysia No 1 most-listened to wireless online community with more than 4 million faithful listeners. It's also the country's first all-Bahasa Melayu personal radio network comprising the"Newest Music Trends" (Rentak Muzik Terkini) and plays with the best of adult modern Bahasa Melayu music. It actively promotes user involvement with features like forums, chat and internet dedications.

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